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For an overview of the features and some of the many benefits of the JORI Adjustable Clothes Hanger kindly view the video on our Home page.

Assembly instructions and video are posted on our How To page.

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Made  in  Canada

Jori Adjustable Clothes Hanger - Image Galleries

Please scroll down to discover the versatility of the Jori Adjustable Clothes Hanger.

This comparison shows the difference of how a high quality leather jacket hangs on a Jori Adjustable Clothes Hanger with Bulb Style arms supporting the shoulder seams in the upper images compared to a generic suit hanger in the lower images.

Notice the deep vertical folds caused by the drooping arms of the generic hanger. Between the force of gravity and the squeezing together of garments n a closet these folds will become permanent and detract from the look of the jacket.


Some product images.

The complete range of colors in each of the two arm styles - regular and bulb.
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The Jori Adjustable clothes Hanger in use.

Perfect for women's blouses with regular arms.
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